5 Great CBD Recipes

Cooking with CBD is far easier than you think, from breakfast to desserts, there are easy ways to cook with CBD. CBD is available in a variety of forms, including oils, capsules, tinctures and crystals. With these 5 recipes we are going to concentrate on CBD oil and show you how you can add it to your cooking.

When Cooking with CBD oil, it will not only helps to cover up the love it or hate it taste of CBD you can also have fun while you cook.CBD cooking and baking can be very easy, but it your not a competent cook it can seem very complicated too.

we will give you step by step cooking instructions to our simplified recipes to make it easy so you can enjoy cooking with CBD. Many people decide to use recipes that focus on sweets and baked goods, this is for good reason. It’s generally easier to cover up the bitterness of CBD with sugar or chocolate. However, It can be just as effective used in savoury dishes as not everyone has that sweet tooth.CBD is best added to fat or oil based ingredients like butter, lard, coconut oil or other cooking oils, before it is used in your cooking. Alcoholic spirits can be used to replace the fat component. Please keep in mind that wine and beer will not act as great carriers of CBD oil because they are water-based. Remember water and oil do not mix.

Many CBD oils exist that give the customer exact dosage measurements, which also makes it far easier to determine the exact amount of CBD you are consuming with each bite. Simply read the information on the label of the bottle and add drops according to your preferences.CBD isolate is an even easier and more precise option.

CBD crystals can easily be added to almost any meal or drink imaginable. They can also be sprinkled artistically over cakes and brownies as a crunchy dusting, or poured into coffee creations much like sugarBefore we start cooking there are some key notes that you need to know.

  1. When starting cooking with CBD there are a few things that you need to take note off. The cooking temperature must be lower than 320 Fahrenheit (gas mark 3) as CBD will start to evaporate at any higher temperature.
  2. If your new to CBD, then use the rule, LESS IS MORE. It’s far to easy to add to much CBD which spoils the taste but more so will not help you find your sweet spot. For advice on finding your sweet spot please check out our first book,


As our first book tells you it is key that you find quality CBD from a reputable supplier. So use this rule when cooking. You want quality food that will work, less refined oils can also overpower the taste of your food

3 Between cooking, store your CBD oil correctly. Most bottles will show storage instructions. As a general rule, keep it in a cool dark place. Cannabinoids are naturally sensitive to light and heat, exposure to this can lead to overall degradation in quality and potency. The oil will not be as effective and may taste pretty bitter.

4. Some people think it’s ok to cheat. They think they can just drizzle the CBD oil over their food, this may be to some people’s taste, but it’s certainly not to everyone’s. It will just alter the taste of your food and it will have an overpowering CBD taste.

5. Finally stir stir and stir again. No matter if your making savoury food or that sweet chocolate desert, ensure you stir the CBD oil into the ingredients as much as possible, evenly distributing the CBD throughout the ingredients will ensure that the batch offers equal CBD in every Bite.

Please take note

All of the following recipes uses unflavoured good quality CBD oil. If your unsure where to find quality CBD oil our website is a place to start.

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As you gain more experience using our recipes and making great tasting CBD edibles, you can adjust your own recipes and create great dishes to suit your own taste.

Now on to the good bit, here are our 5 amazing recipes, to get our book with even more easy ways to cook with CBD click here






We hope you enjoy these delicious recipes to get more like this, please check out our book

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