How the company was established, Read Sarah and Craig’s story

My name is Sarah and in 1998 I was diagnosed with APS, a blood clotting auto immune disorder after recurrent miscarriages I then went on to develop lupus which in itself can be a debilitating painful disease.

More recently fibromyalgia has reared its ugly painful head and I can honestly say I have never felt pain like it, it has had me totally bed ridden at times with head to toe spasms from the slightest movement that even the infamous morphene doesn’t touch, and even on a ‘good day’ the pain doesn’t leave.

With being on handfuls of meds everyday I was taking more and more as time went on, some to stop the side effects of some of the others, it was a no win situation.

Then I read somewhere about CBD oil and thought why not, anything is worth a try at this point.

I must admit I bought a lot of rubbish to start with as I had absolutely no idea what I was looking for, all I knew was I was in pain and I wanted it to stop.

With trial and error I eventually found one that was absolutely amazing.

At this point Craig tried it too as he was also on long term meds and was as smitten as myself by how good it was.

We both came to the conclusion that if we couldn’t find decent suppliers then other people couldn’t either so went on a mission to try as many as possible both good and bad ones and decided to start our own business with the good ones, so this is how our business came about, within a few weeks people wer coming back to us after purchasing saying the products were fantastic and rebuying more.

Coming from a business background we wanted other people to share in our success and decided to open our affiliate programme, only our one had to be different, we’d both been with companies before when you have to wait months for affiliate programmes to pay out, we believe if you work for your money then you should be entitled to your money immediately so that is what we do, we pay out within 24 hours of your sale, sales before 1pm you will be paid that day so the money is in your pocket to do with what you wish, just like it should be.

We also made our programme two tier so you can have as many affiliates join with your personal link as you like and you will be paid 5% of their sales as well as 10% for your own sales, so this is for everyone, we believe if you need money to ‘buy food, nappies, money for metre’ etc then you know if you sell products you will receive that money the same day to help you with those needs.

We hope you will enjoy your journey with us and remember success can be yours

We are also authors of CBD books click on the book below to get your copy today
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