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If you have been doing research into CBD I am quite confident to say that you will already know the benefits that CBD has on the body, and you will already be aware of the thousands of medical studies currently taking place, Studies into Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, anxiety and depression, nausea and inflammatory disease, These are becoming very common studies.
But are you aware what are you aware that CBD can be used for weight loss?
Let’s look into how CBD can be used for weight loss

First we are going to look at the Endocannabinoid System and the way it functions, mainly positioned in the nervous system and the immune systems within the body.
The Endocannabinoid system is a network of neurotransmitters and receptors, which play different roles when it comes to the proper function of parts of the body.

The substance found within neurotransmitters, which is naturally created by the body and are used as messengers and send information to the cells through the body via. the receptors.

CBD is just one example of a cannabinoid which has the ability to act in a similar manner to what is naturally occurring in the body endocannabinoids system.
when there is a imbalance or the system records hyperactivity or under-activity – a problem occurs. In the case of obesity, the reported signal is usually for hyperactivity of the endocannabinoid system, which can leads to a substantial gain of weight.

Using CBD can assist to regulate the normal function of the endocannabinoid system, The CBD compound’s ability to communicate with the receptors and send certain triggers to the body. we will cover this later in the blog,
CBD may not be the cure to obesity, but using CBD as part of a healthy lifestyle change and a healthy diet, it can assist in any weight loss goals.

CBD Products are constantly growing around the world, we can find a large array of products like CBD Oil, CBD Sprays, CBD Drinks, CBD Edibles, CBD Lotions and Creams Vapes and much more, the most popularly CBD product that consumers are increasingly becoming aware of is the CBD oils.
So let just focus on CBD oil for the moment, CBD oil has a number of effects on the body, which can lead to you losing weight.

Before we look into this lets first look at why losing weight is often a difficult and sometimes quite an impossible challenge for some.

Let’s talk about weight loss in general, it sounds like a pretty simple thing to do.
With the common concept that if we ensure that the calories that we intake will be used by the body later and be processed and taken out of the body in order to sustain the calories balance,
When we look into this further and try to experiment with this method, it may not be so simple for a number of reasons.
First, if we where to reduce the calorie intake that your body needs then this in turn may cause negative effects such as lack of energy or the constantly feeling hungry. It’s would be like going through your busy daily routine with no energy or focus, Just like a phone with no batter chances are that you will not be very productive.

Second, if you are gaining or losing weight is almost always connected to the hormone balance level in the body, the metabolic processes, the inflammation status, and the endocannabinoid system. With this being said, it is starting to become clearer that losing weight will have an effect on a few of our bodies natural systems therefore it is essential that you ensure the balance is repaired quickly in order to avoid the risk of developing certain health conditions or diseases. This is where CBD can be of assistance.

The cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant, especially the CBD cannabinoid, can recover the body systems’ balance and cure dysfunctions. The compound is actively used for homeostasis with the aim of recovering the endocannabinoid system and helping it reclaim its balance. As a result, weight loss has been registered by experts and patients in studies that have all ready taken place. But see what is happening in reality.

let’s take a look at the liver, The improper function of the liver cells is another signal for obesity. If your diet has too much fructose this can put too much pressure on the liver and be a significant threat to the body’s system. Inflammation is one of the signals sent by the liver to announce that it is dysfunctional.

This metabolic dysfunction has been researched through the consumption of CBD and another cannabinoid – THCV. The study has confirmed that the compounds were successful in decreasing the triglycerides in the liver and helped with insulin resistance and also decreased blood pressure in diabetes patients.

Now Let’s take a look at insulin resistance as it is the dominant characteristics of obesity. If your metabolic process in the body functions properly, then once food enters the body the levels of blood glucose increase and the pancreas begins releasing insulin to transport the glucose to the body cells. Once the glucose reaches the cells, they use it to create our bodies energy.

This can be damaging when there is too much glucose provided to the system through poor eating habits and bad diets. The body’s cells are no longer able to consume the high doses of glucose and the start to develop a resistance towards the insulin’s signals to the cell, saying that it should allow the sugar penetrate. So Spotting the danger of too much blood glucose, the pancreas starts releasing even higher levels of insulin. Ultimately, the amount of glucose drops from the excessive levels of insulin, making the body send triggers for hunger and often lack of energy. This cycle keeps repeating, causing more damage.
You can change this cycle can through a change in nutrition but research also reveals that CBD plays a significant role in helping the cells receive and use more glucose.

Our body’s ability to create energy from the received substances is essential to a normal healthy life and the proper function of our systems. This is known as metabolism and is fundamental in maintaining a healthy body. Mitochondria, or the energy factories of the cells, plays a crucial role in the process as they are responsible for transforming glucose into energy. Unfortunately, from the scenario observed above with insulin resistance, mitochondria are also harmed.

Mitochondria dysfunction has also been related to cancer as they are active players in maintaining lasting strength and health. Research has reported that CBD has an influence on the function of the mitochondria and improves the body’s metabolism process.

White fat cells are known as the most threatening type of fat cells found in the body. If you were paying attention in biology class you might remember that fat cells can vary and they are certainly far from the same. The white fat cells that we mentioned have the tendency to meet around the body’s major organs and sometimes negatively influence their normal behaviours.
CBD has the powerful effect of turning the white fat cells into brown fat cells or at least makes them act this way.

The brown fat cells are much kinder than the white fat cells and are known as “baby fat”. The body has no problems with the successful use of the brown fat cells in turning this back to energy. In contrast to brown fat cells, white fat cells are difficult to get rid of, therefor when CBD transforms the white fat cells into brown fat cells it is, in fact, helping the body turn these cells into such that are easy to burn and lose.
This is why the consumption of CBD lowers the body’s speed of creating new fat cells.

So as you can see there is a range of facts indicating that CBD is successful in fighting obesity and diabetes. If you have chosen this natural remedy as an alternative and are looking to lose weight through the consumption of cannabidiol, make sure you are doing so as a lifestyle change and as part of a healthy balanced diet. Make sure you are using quality lab tested Products too.


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