How to detox effectively and safely

Too many people think of DETOXING as a 48 or 72 hour period of drinking only water or juice. This puts many people off performing a detox, as it is too taxing to fit into our busy lives. This method drains the body of energy because it is low in calories, and it leaves us extremely hungry because it contains almost no protein. Moreover, the starvation detox theory is on thin scientific ground because the fibre contained in solid foods is healthy and necessary to detox via our bowels. 

Helping your cells detox should be a lifestyle, not a series of short-term liquid diets. If you want to keep your body free of potentially harmful substances, you have come to the right place to learn how to do it correctly and safely.

10 Strategies for Your New Detox Lifestyle


    1. Drink at least two litres of water per day. All your cells work better when they are hydrated, which is why researchers have found that hydration results in BETTER ENERGY, CONCENTRATION  IMMUNE SYSTEM  among other abilities. They have found that the immune systems of dehydrated people are mostly suppressed and that the number of potentially harmful cells in dehydrated people increase 5 fold. Substituting coffee, black tea, or alcoholic drinks for water does not work, as these are diuretics that promote urination and that will only dehydrate you further.


    1. Seriously consider filtering your tap water. Tap water contains chlorine, fluoride, and sometimes heavy metals and pesticides from British soil. If you are planning to drink at least eight glasses of it per day, you must ensure that it is clean to save your body, and especially your primary detox organs, from harm.


    1. Substitute fruit, vegetables, whole grains, pulses, nuts, and seeds for the processed foods that you currently eat. Since food manufacturers use the same ingredients and are often multinational, we probably join the Americans in eating more than 5,000 untested industrial chemicals. Proper research often exposes these chemicals as carrying serious health risks; butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), for example were banned by the European Union after the International Agency for Research on Cancer discovered they were carcinogenic. The fresher and more natural your food, the less likely it is that these chemicals are included. Your organs and cells can detox themselves only if they are fed with healthy  NUTRITIOUS FOODS 


    1. To make the suggestion in the previous point concrete, buy primarily organic food. Replace refined white and brown bread and pastries with whole grain products. Replace table salt, which contains bleach and other chemicals to prevent it from clumping together, with pink Himalayan salt. Use natural sweeteners like fruit, unprocessed honey, maple syrup, stevia, and coconut sugar instead of white and brown table sugar. Use coconut oil and other extra virgin vegetable oils instead of refined hydrogenated oils. Coconut oil handles frying heat well and it is a favourite vegan substitute for butter or margarine. Instead of buying packaged soups and sauces, make your own by blending fruit and vegetables together in a blender. Get the whole family together around the kitchen table with some good music and conversation on a Sunday afternoon to peel and slice vegetables to freeze for the rest of the week’s meals.


    1. Cells deprived of important nutrients cannot keep themselves healthy and expel potentially harmful toxins. To obtain as wide a range of vitamins and minerals as possible, eat a variety of foods instead of sticking to your old favourites. Eat foods from each group every day, and a variety of different foods inside each group. The groups include whole grains, beans and peas, green vegetables, root and ground vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds, and animal products, which vegans may safely omit. A GOOD MULTIVITAMIN  and A SUPPLEMENT WITH MINERAL RICH SEA VEGETABLES can help if you think you are falling short.


    1. Exercise vigorously at least three times a week or moderately daily. This accelerates the flow of blood and oxygen through your body, which repairs damaged cells and promotes the removal of waste material. The perspiration during exercise also expels many toxins through your skin.


    1. Keep your bowel movements regular to excrete toxins, to keep your intestinal bacteria healthy, and to prevent piles of decaying food from sticking to your intestines indefinitely. Together with drinking enough water,  EAT PLENTY OF FIBRE , like that in beans, whole grains, seeds, and green vegetables.


    1. Your liver is one of your body’s main detox organs. It does not only break down alcohol and drugs directly, but it also produces the bile that breaks down useful food stuffs inside your intestines so that you can receive nutritional value from your diet. It also converts cholesterol to a form in which it can be excreted. TAKE CARE OF YOUR LIVER  by avoiding excessive drinking, smoking, unnecessary drug taking, and unnecessary fat intake


    1. Your kidneys work as hard as your liver to remove toxins from your body via your urine. Keep them healthy by limiting your salt intake, by avoiding high protein diets, and by drinking plenty of water.


    1. Your lungs furnish your body with oxygen to keep all it sells functional, and they remove many toxins when you exhale. Practice some deep breathing several times a day to get into the habit of inhaling and exhaling deeply.



A Detox Is Not Just For After Christmas

Think like a nutritionist before you make a purchase or put something in your mouth by asking yourself whether it will contribute to or detract from your health. This will go a long way to alter some of your worst habits. Follow as many of these tips as possible. Even if you fall short of perfection, you will be substantially healthier and will be helping your cells to detox better daily and helping them cope with the burden of synthetic chemicals in our food, water and air we breathe.




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