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Absorb Pure+ is our most advanced water based formula, offering easy absorption and effectiveness in your body. Pure+ utilizes special High Concentration CBD Paste.

Absorption Redefined
Did you know, traditional CBD products – while being extremely popular – are by design oil based and therefore broken down by our liver, leaving some of the product wasted?
People have reported amazing results from using CBD Oils despite this. Imagine if there was a way to increase this effectiveness?

The Absorb range has been designed to deliver a CBD product which can maximise the potential of the Cannabinoids and Terpenes we spend so much time and effort extracting.
Our two Absorb blends offer a unique product which offers up to 100% absorption in the body. This is, in effect, up to 10 times more effective than an equivalent Oil based product.

Pure+ uses a High Concentration Paste to achieve approximately 600-800mg of CBD content.

Offering 50 servings, this is circa 16mg of CBD per dose.
Water based formula for increased absorption
Up to 10x more effective than Oil based products
Fantastic natural earthy, spicy taste
Can be added to your favourite hot or cold drinks
Great value for money
Inhalable – can be used in nebulizer
High Concentration Whole Plant Paste
Contains Curcumin for extra boost
Rich Terpene Profile
Co2 Extracted
Laboratory Tested
10ml bottle with pump – 50 servings



    Curcumin, Vegetable Glycerine, Triglycerides, Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Pinene, Limonene, Linalool, High Concentration Cannabis Paste.


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