Hempura 300mg Raw Sativa CBD Capsules (30)


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Key Points

• 10mg CBD per capsule
• 0.01% – 0.05% THC

Disclaimer: Due to UK law, all Hempura CBD products must be, and are, sold and marketed as food supplements only. To this effect, this website, or any content produced by Hempura, shall not contain any medicinal claims in the use of CBD. Thank you for your understanding.

Main Points

  • 300mg of CBD in each packet – 30 x 10mg capsules
  • 10mg CBD per capsule plus other active cannabinoids
  • Full-spectrum– Manufactured from raw hemp
  • Capsule made from HPMC – vegetarian friendly
  • Safe to use by the whole family
  • Made in Great Britain with organically grown industrial hemp
  • Lab Tested for Guaranteed Quality


Scientific analysis reveals that CBD oil is rich in active cannabinoids, a group of compounds that plays crucial role in the maintenance of body homoeostasis. The ultra-filtration process allows a vast amount of nutritional value to be packed in a single drop of Hempura CBD oil:

  • Cannabinoids including CBD.
  • Terpenes – The substance found in CBD oil that gives the unique aroma of cannabis. They are also commonly found in herbs, fruits and plants.
  • Flavonoids – Polyphenolic compounds that possess high anti-oxidant properties.
  • Phytonutrients – Phytonutrients are the chemicals produced by hemp for it to stay healthy.

There has been a huge amount of research performed lately that suggests how CBD can help improve our physical and mental well-being. Totally understandable then that it is growing in popularity all over the world every day. Our capsules are filled with 100% pure Cannabis Sativa, they are totally additive free and contain no harmful pesticides. Manufactured in Great Britain, our capsules are totally safe for the whole family to reap the benefits.

The contents of our raw 300mg Hempura UK CBD Sativa Hemp capsules is nothing but hemp. Manufactured from the same plant that strains of cannabis is produced (Cannabis Sativa plant), our hemp-derived strain of CBD capsules are free of cannabis’ undesirable, psychoactive properties due to containing <0.05% THC. CBD is totally non-addictive and completely safe to take every day.


Decarboxylated cannabis sativa hemp bud, HPMC from vegetable cellulose, magnesium stearate.

First time taking CBD?

If this is your first experience of CBD capsules, we recommend simply taking just 1 capsule twice per day. Our bodies don’t need a large dose of CBD to reap the impressive benefits associated with it. Taking a capsule is often a much easier method for some than the traditional dropper method. It has none of the associated taste and there is no need to keep it in your mouth for any length of time. It can also be much more convenient to take on the go. An easy addition to your daily routine.


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